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The Benalla Flexible Learning Centre (BFLC) is one of four campuses of the North East Flexible Learning Network, situated in Benalla Victoria. The focus is on re-engaging Benalla’s vulnerable young people with education and to support them to participate positively with the Benalla and wider communities.

Young parents will be able to access programs that empower them to strive for aspirational pathways which will enable them to confidently seek and obtain employment and/or attend further education opportunities.

The learning opportunities offered at the Benalla site cater for students who require small class groups and individualised learning programs. Each student will have an Individual Learning Plan and wellbeing plan, both of which are used to inform the student, parents/carers and staff of the best pathways for the students to undertake. The program aims to strengthen and consolidate foundation skills in literacy and numeracy

As an initiative of the Department of Education and Training and as a Campus of Wodonga Senior Secondary College, the Benalla Flexible Learning Centre offers individual programs for all students. A personalised learning plan sets individual goals, informs program planning and determines timetables and attendance. A mentoring program and partnerships with local community organisations ensure that our students have access to broader community networks.


The School Offers:

  • Flexible Learning Programs
  • Individual Academic and Personal Learning Goals
  • Mentor support
  • Community Engagement
  • Vocational Major and Victorian Pathways Certificate
  • VCE (limited subject selection)
  • Victorian Curriculum (Years 7-10)

The Benalla Flexible Learning Centre enrols young people in secondary education, for a variety of reasons or circumstances, who have been out of school for extended periods of time, and/or have difficulty engaging in a mainstream setting.

The Benalla Flexible Learning Centre’s approach is based around the individual needs of each student and is built on the establishment of positive working relationships within the context of the local community. Students pursue a programme that aims to strengthen and consolidate foundational skills in Literacy and Numeracy while providing access to meaningful work experience and vocational preparations. We address various gaps in student learning to support the student to return to mainstream secondary education, full-time work or tertiary learning pathways.                                                    

Benalla Flexible Learning Centre Aims

Our Aims are:

  • to establish a positive and rewarding relationship between the school and the young person
  • to reconnect the student with learning inside and outside the school by connecting them to their community
  • to assist the students to develop a positive self-image, develop self-esteem and self-agency
  • to work with the young person to understand possible pathways to future learning and employment
  • to create a learning environment that allows students to work with dedicated teachers both at the Centre and remotely using a wide variety of online learning tools
  • to understand what issues the young person is dealing with and ensure they have access to the appropriate support.

At the Benalla Flexible Learning Centre we believe in every student having every opportunity and finding success for all.



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